How effective are your safeguarding arrangements?



In response to the need for social distancing we are now providing our services online.
We have developed an online safeguarding audit tool and a safer recruitment audits tool.
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Leaders in Safeguarding provides quality assurance and specialist support, advice, training and scrutiny of safeguarding arrangements in education, health, social care and leisure settings.

We take seriously the statutory and moral duty that exists to protect, safeguard and promote the health and wellbeing of children, young people and vulnerable adults. Whether you work in a nursery, school, college or youth club, run an out of school club or sports activity, if you work in health or social care, we recognise your role in meeting the safeguarding needs of those engaging with your service.

We will help you to attain high standards and validate the steps you take to keep others as safe as possible.

Our team of experts from the fields of education, health, social care and statutory inspection will help you ensure a safe environment for children, young people and vulnerable adults by:

  • providing specialist and experienced consultants to audit and scrutinise your safeguarding arrangements, systems and practice
  • supporting you to develop dynamic safeguarding action plans
  • improving safeguarding policy and practice within your organisation
  • helping you prepare for statutory inspection via pre-inspection safeguarding health checks
  • delivering first class training in safeguarding and Prevent that equips staff with the knowledge and skills to raise awareness of the risks of radicalisation and extremism in schools and colleges
  • helping you to write critical incident plans for schools, colleges, health, social care or leisure settings
  • ensuring policies, systems and practices are up-to-date and effective in dealing with bomb threats in schools, colleges, health, social care and leisure settings
  • providing support with implementing the Prevent duty in colleges, schools etc. and conduct Prevent risk assessments in education
  • facilitating workshops to raise awareness of Prevent (WRAP) for colleges
  • supporting you with annual safeguarding audits
  • helping with annual ‘safeguarding children and young adults reports’ to governors
  • advising on safeguarding documentation for education, health, social care, sports and leisure industry
  • scrutinising safeguarding and e-safety policies in education, health and leisure settings
  • advising on anti-bullying policy for education
  • advising on health action plans for schools, colleges and clubs
  • providing training and support for designated safeguarding lead and designated safeguarding officers
  • ensuring effective governance arrangements in safeguarding and child protection
  • advising on information sharing and accountability in child protection and safeguarding
  • scrutinising ‘whistleblowing’ arrangements in child care and schools, colleges and health and social care and recommending improvement where appropriate

Organisations reaching our Standard will receive the Leaders in Safeguarding quality mark.

Our quality mark demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Leaders in Safeguarding Gold Award

Sorin Neacsu, Head of Safeguarding: “We are so proud to have been awarded the Leaders in Safeguarding accreditation at a Gold standard in recognition of the RHN’s outstanding safeguarding culture. To receive the Gold Award is a testament to all RHN colleagues and their dedication to the safety and welfare of those we care for, which has always remained our number one priority.”

Della Warren, Director of Nursing: “We are delighted to have received such amazing feedback from Leaders in Safeguarding. This is a tremendous achievement which has been made possible by the Safeguarding Team and all staff who work to ensure the safety of our patients and residents. The RHN will continue to deliver outstanding safeguarding measures, keeping patient and resident welfare and
safety at the centre of everything we do.”

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability - March 2023

Leaders in Safeguarding Gold Award

We are incredibly proud to have been awarded a Gold Award from Leaders in Safeguarding. Safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do at Paragon Skills and this award demonstrates that our ways of working make a huge difference to the wellbeing of our learners of all ages, and all backgrounds.

The assessment process focused not only on policy and its implementation, but more importantly it sought the feedback of our learners who were highly complementary about both their safeguarding training and how important their welfare is to their Personal Tutor.

To have achieved this Award at a Gold standard is testament to the hard work of all colleagues at Paragon Skills in ensuring that our learners are supported to achieve to the highest possible standard. We have worked hard to be different from anyone else, along with our unique partnerships which sets us apart and takes the safeguarding of our learners to a new level. We are honoured to receive amazing feedback from such great professionals in their field and will fly our Gold Leaders in Safeguarding flag with absolute pride.

Paragon Skills - January 2022

“The LiS audit was a comprehensive assessment of all that we do to ensure our learners, employers and colleagues are well informed, safe and supported through robust safeguarding controls and processes.

We are delighted to have been awarded the prestigious LiS quality mark. This is testament to the continued hard work and commitment shown by all colleagues in Babington, especially during the pandemic, as we adapted our strategy to inform and support our learners on heightened online dangers and increased our focus on mental health. The Safe and Sound team continue to build strong networks with local and national agencies so our learners are well supported and able to continue on programme thanks to the wrap around service we offer.”

Dr Barbara Van Der Eecken, Director of Quality and Service Standards

Babington Group - August 2021

“We are thrilled to be the first provider to achieve this accolade which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to keeping our colleagues and learners safe. As the country bounces forward from the COVID-19 pandemic, putting ourselves through the rigour of external scrutiny on our risk assessments, processes and procedures means we can assure ourselves and our stakeholders that, as a business, we have taken all the necessary steps and done everything possible to stay safe.”

Sue Pittock, CEO

Remit Group - June 2020

“We’re very pleased to have achieved the Leaders in Safeguarding accolade, which recognises the strong support in place for our learners. Lifetime has focused on learner support to ensure all barriers are removed for our learners to achieve their apprenticeship. We have an ongoing development programme for our safeguarding team, and actively engage with external networks to ensure our safeguarding knowledge and experience is industry leading. The feedback from learners is the support they have received has been life-changing, which demonstrates the importance of rigorous safeguarding.”

Angela Maguire-Lewis, Lifetime’s Quality Director

Lifetime Training - January 2020

The leaders in safeguarding audit was a comprehensive and supportive assessment that has allowed Babington Group to further enhance our safe-guarding controls for our learners, employers and colleagues. We are delighted that Babington Group have been awarded the prestigious Leaders in Safeguarding quality mark. This is testament to the continued hard work and commitment shown by all colleagues at Babington, who are all fully committed to ensuring our safeguarding practices are at the very highest standards. We are highly committed to keeping all our learners and colleagues safe and of course our young people and vulnerable adults.

Babington Group July 2019