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Are you confident you have taken the necessary steps to ensure you have the appropriate measures in place for re-opening?

This briefing provides guidance and support to ensure your organisation is COVID-19 aware.

Date and time: Wed 27 May 2020 10:30 to 11:30

It looks at the latest advice on managing the risks from COVID-19 and how to keep your staff and learners safe. The briefing is useful for all staff in schools and the FE and Skills sector, including senior managers, designated safeguarding leads and support staff.

It covers:

  • identifying and implementing statutory requirements
  • where to get the best advice and information
  • monitoring and control of social distancing
  • what to include in your COVID-19 response plan
  • risk assessments, safeguarding policies and procedures
  • continuing to support those who are shielding
  • next steps; audit, scrutiny and validation of your COVID-19 planning and use of the Leaders in Safeguarding COVID-19 Aware logo

The briefing is free to attend for staff from organisations on the Leaders in Safeguarding register. (There is a charge of £10+vat for those requiring a certificate of attendance).
For non-members there is an attendance charge of £70+ vat. This includes an attendance certificate.

The event is being hosted by our partner the Fellowship of Inspection Nominees. To book a place please contact www.fin-online.org.uk


In response to the need for social distancing we are now providing our services online.
We have developed an online safeguarding audit tool and a safer recruitment audits tool.
For more information please get in touch.


We are delighted to announce that we have appointed our first legal executive.

Erica Lorenzon studied law in Brazil and is now about to complete her UK law qualifications in Leeds.

Erica has limitless enthusiasm for safeguarding and will be a great asset to our work promoting the highest standards in safeguarding children and adults.

Leaders in Safeguarding provides you with news, links to tools and pertinent information to help keep your safeguarding arrangements up to date.


Well done to JTL
Congratulations on your Leaders in Safeguarding Award 2018


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Leaders in Safeguarding would like to say

“Hello” to the staff at colleges we will be working with over the coming months.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.

Leaders in Safeguarding

Standards and Quality Mark

We firmly believe that our Safeguarding Standards can be reached by all organisations that provide services for children, young people and vulnerable adults. Our consultants are experienced safeguarding professionals from health, education and social care backgrounds. Our safeguarding audit process is thorough and highly effective. Your audit report will contain recommendations to improve any aspects of your work which do not meet our standards.

We can help you to establish outstanding safeguarding arrangements and offer support, planning, and training to further strengthen your services. Following your audit we can support you in addressing any areas requiring improvement or causing concern. Meeting our Standards provides you with increased confidence to face statutory inspection.

Displaying the Leaders in Safeguarding Quality Mark shows that your policies, procedures and everyday practices have been checked by our experts. The Quality Mark demonstrates to your clients and customers that you prioritise safeguarding and that you are serious about ensuring safety and promoting welfare in the services you provide.

Updating your policies and procedures?

Just a reminder about some of the legal requirements and national guidance:

“Local agencies, including the police and health services, also have a duty under section 11 of the Children Act 2004 to ensure that they consider the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of children when carrying out their functions. Under section 10 of the same Act, a similar range of agencies are required to cooperate with local authorities to promote the well-being of children in each local authority area (see chapter 1). This cooperation should exist and be effective at all levels of the organisation, from strategic level through to operational delivery. Professionals working in agencies with these duties are responsible for ensuring that they fulfil their role and responsibilities in a manner consistent with the statutory duties of their employer”

Working Together to Safeguard Children DfE 2018.


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