The Leaders in Safeguarding Standard requires:


  1. Clear lines of accountability for safeguarding children and adults at risk
  2. Committed governance and effective safeguarding quality assurance processes
  3. Full compliance with all relevant statutory requirements and guidance
  4. Comprehensive, clear and effective safeguarding policies, procedures and systems
  5. Accessible and effective whistleblowing arrangements
  6. Effective and appropriate information sharing
  7. Highly effective inter-agency working
  8. Highly effective supervision and support
  9. High priority is given to safeguarding the most vulnerable groups
  10. Precise recording of information and concerns
  11. Thorough and effective risk assessment and risk management arrangements
  12. Effective safer recruitment practices
  13. Highly effective staff training and continuing professional development
  14. Staff awareness of safeguarding arrangements and day to day practice are good
  15. Full and effective implementation of the ’Prevent’ duty
  16. Staff and service users feel safe and supported and receive appropriate information to help keep themselves and each other safe